A Guide to Get Eco-Friendly Interior Design

As you know various types of materials are used in interior design, do you ever think that any material can be harmful for environment or for your health. Yes, it can be; today, informed people are conscious about the fact. Thus when you are going to hire any expert of home decoration you should ensure that he/she should have enough knowledge about the issue.

The paint you use on walls or on other items in your home can be harmful as if it has dangerous chemical. You should use the paint that have low volatile organic compounds however it is also a truth that you cannot get any hundred percent non-toxic or non-allergic paint; if someone claims is wrong.

Get those wallpaper for wall decoration that have water based ink as some wallpaper have ink especially used during manufacturing process that is not good for our healthy environment.

Today, carpet is not sensed good for health as it is always filled with volatile organic compounds and you cannot avoid inhaling the toxic substances. It is very hard to clean the carpet and you cannot clean it fully.

There are numbers of options for flooring that are eco-friendly, for example reclaimed wood, bamboo, glass tiles and stones. But most of the people prefer wood work on floor of bedroom.

Reclaimed, sustainable wood got from managed forest is so eco-friendly. By this way you can get cheap furniture; in this respect cheap wooden beds are recommended. This wood is basically produced from the forests where you have to manage the more growth and grows of trees than you cut.


Small Double Bed is the Best for Living and Guest Room

Bedroom is one of the most important parts of not just your home but of your entire world as you spend average one third of your life on your bed; so in bedroom bed is the most important thing. You must choose it for yourself with great care. Wise selection keeps you happy in the bedroom while you have to repent on bad selection.

If you want to sleep with ease while in limited space available for bed in your room then you are going to buy small double beds rather than double beds that will leave tiny path towards door to go outside the room.

Most of the people are unaware about this very useful size of the bed that is equally appreciated for single as well for a couple. It offers a great surface to alone person while a couple can sleep with ease especially when you cannot afford rather big size of the bed because of the low space in your room or because of the small money in your pocket. So it is cheap too as compared to other big size one.

Along with adults it is also preferable for children who have left loft or bunk beds. If you have two children then it will be the wise choice. It can also be purchased for students living in hostels as it offers enough sleeping space without occupying much floor space in the room that is needed in every room of the students.